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Hi There,

I am Susan Kennedy and I was like every other forty-something woman, unhappy in my marriage, feeling powerless and hating the financial planning job I did. I decided something had to change and that something was me!

For the first time since I was a child, I followed my passion and dove into lots of courses that excited me on Tarot, Reiki, psychic development and mediumship ….

I felt an immense driving force within me just knowing this was my path, to use my psychic gifts to help others find purpose, closure, healing, clarity and direction and interestingly enough it gave me all of those things within my own life too.

Since then life has been a bit like tumbling down the rabbit hole in the most magical way…….

Why I do what I do

I know how it felt to be stuck and feeling like there was no hope for a different life. Growing up I saw my parents struggle with how to be better people and find who they were in a changing world.

I do what I do because I know there are solutions when we clearly see how our past is playing out in the present and realise just how amazing life can be when we connect with the strength of our inner spirit.

Seeing the transformation deep in the eyes of those who have been ready to receive guidance and mentoring is the reason why I do what I do. Transformation isn’t easy but it is so rewarding.

I know there’s a reason why you are here and when you find it, your life will take on a rich depth of purpose and freedom.

Love to be part of that journey for you,


In this powerful (and free) training you’ll learn the 3 secrets to creating your proof of life purpose that will give you courage and the confidence to create a life you love and thrive in. You will unleash the power within to find your calling and never FEEL the need for external validation again!!


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If you doubt your abilities and credibility? I will show you how to face your problems and find clear and workable solutions. Unsure if your dreams are realistic and truthful? I will guide you through plans and approaches, opening and freeing your mind to see your potential.
Perhaps you fear that you will disappoint or confuse family members and friends if you listen to your heart and pursue what they consider to be an ‘alternative’ business? I will assist you in finding ways to satisfy the naysayers, allowing you to pursue your destiny.
Unsure if and how you will make money from a career as a spiritual practitioner? Sacred Spiritual Business will help you find peace with the relationship between spiritual services and monetary transactions. Sacred Spiritual Business will help you to define your talents and place a monetary value upon them. Taking this a step further, I offer suggestions on how you can pursue and formulate products to enhance your services and generate the revenue that you rightly deserve.

I understand how a person considering a career as a spiritual practitioner feels and acknowledges and answers the many questions you will have. If you feel that there is something within you that you would like to explore and possibly share with others, Sacred Spiritual Business – Fulfil Your Destiny Step Out of the Shadows into the Light will steer you in the right direction.

Sacred Spiritual Business includes:

  • Timeline exercises
  • How to create an architects plan
  • How to embark on a meditation journey to discover the real you – of great importance before you can truly help others
  • Ways to explore and question your motivators, your beliefs and your inspirations.


Imagine a place where all things spiritual are found. A place where some of the leaders in the industry of metaphysics, spiritual awakening, physic awareness, soul health and healing, conscious development, body and mind awakening and much much are found. With so much love and collaboration, this special place has been created


Irene Goodhew

Charlestown NSW

I have had the privilege of completing psychic awareness 1 and 2 and Reiki 1 and 2 with Sue. At present I am completing a mentorship programme for Mediumship with her. It has been sheer joy working with Sue. There has never been a single hint of frustration or loss of patience whenever I have said “OMG I cannot do this” or “Why am I here?” She is a very generous and giving teacher who took me through the process of self- acceptance and awareness so that I could see what is possible if you just TRUST. To be of service to others is where I am meant to be. On meeting Sue I truly felt that I had met and made a friend for life. I cannot recommend her courses highly enough and I look forward to more opportunities to engage with such a truly inspiring teacher.

Sue G


I first met Sue by chance really…..deciding on a whim to complete my Reiki 1 & 2 training with a friend, not even a year ago. I have since learned that there is no such thing as ” by chance” and that a “whim” is the way the Universe sets us on our journey. Sue is an amazing teacher. Her love and guidance is not only inspirational but transformational. With her expertise, I have come to understand my true purpose, to trust my intuition without question and to appreciate and believe in my gifts wholeheartedly. I am eternally grateful to Sue for her honesty and integrity, and for teaching me to believe in myself with confidence, as well as showing me that anything is possible when it’s done with love.

Courtney Jones


I had the pleasure of joining Susan’s Psychic Development group in 2014. Susan openly shared her experiences and knowledge, creating a loving and safe space to explore and enhance my intuitive skills and perceptions. She showed me how to recognise and strengthen my intuition and acknowledge messages from my guides, to better understand the significant relationships in my life and to feel confident in my life decisions. Through this work I have learnt how to heal and trust myself, to understand and work with the challenges put in front of me and how to be at peace with the flow of life. I am excited about working with Susan to further develop my skills and knowledge and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to discover their own spiritual path.