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I believe there is a new leader in the world right now, and it’s you! You have life experiences, wisdom and gifts waiting to be brought into the world so you and others can thrive. But it is not me telling you this that will make it happen, you must believe it. It is up to us to awaken and develop our spiritual growth and expansion. The first step is surrounding yourself with like-minded supportive humans that are ready and waiting to lift you up and support you. Are you ready? That is why I created the Intuitive HUB

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Do you want to know your life purpose and how you can make a difference? Working with your insight and listening to your heart will help you feel if you are on the right path.

Free Abundance Meditation

First, what is meditation? Meditation is a practice that trains your mind, this specific meditation is created to bring, feel and attract abundance into your life. I love guided meditations because they’re very easy to follow. During this guided meditation, I will guide you through the practice. Guided meditations are great for both beginners and long-term meditators!

In this powerful (and free) training you’ll learn the 3 secrets to creating your proof of life giving you the confidence and courage to manifest a life you love and thrive in.


Easier Decision Making

Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside will awaken. Learn how to awaken your spirit from within.


Happier relationships

How to stop sabotaging your relationships and create the relationships you desire with others and yourself


Great abundance

Master the connection between self and spirit by developing your intuitive and mediumship skillset

Your Soul is Waiting to be heard

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Irene Goodhew

Charlestown NSW

I have had the privilege of completing psychic awareness 1 and 2 and Reiki 1 and 2 with Sue. At present I am completing a mentorship programme for Mediumship with her. It has been sheer joy working with Sue. There has never been a single hint of frustration or loss of patience whenever I have said “OMG I cannot do this” or “Why am I here?” She is a very generous and giving teacher who took me through the process of self- acceptance and awareness so that I could see what is possible if you just TRUST. To be of service to others is where I am meant to be. On meeting Sue I truly felt that I had met and made a friend for life. I cannot recommend her courses highly enough and I look forward to more opportunities to engage with such a truly inspiring teacher.

Sue G


I first met Sue by chance really…..deciding on a whim to complete my Reiki 1 & 2 training with a friend, not even a year ago. I have since learned that there is no such thing as ” by chance” and that a “whim” is the way the Universe sets us on our journey. Sue is an amazing teacher. Her love and guidance is not only inspirational but transformational. With her expertise, I have come to understand my true purpose, to trust my intuition without question and to appreciate and believe in my gifts wholeheartedly. I am eternally grateful to Sue for her honesty and integrity, and for teaching me to believe in myself with confidence, as well as showing me that anything is possible when it’s done with love.

Michelle Pitt


My Intuitive Mission is my second course with Susan and both were inspired after a workshop I attended earlier in 2020. That workshop awakened my spirit to wanting to be truly free of patterns that weren’t or aren’t serving me in the best possible way. I want the real me to come out and live a life of joy, peace and abundance. This course has opened me up, exposed some realities, got me to trust in myself & spirit and get a clear focus in what I want. The daily activities keep you focused and are revealing to what you have buried inside. Susan has been so easy to work with and delivers the right tools in helping you release, let go and heal. Her energy and smile are magnetic. Susan truly wants what is best for you, me and everyone. I have been blessed to have done this course and I highly recommend Susan to anyone who truly wants a change ??

Jane Carew


The most empowering course I have ever completed. I couldn’t get enough and learnt things about myself I didn’t know I had buried. Uplifting and life-changing and now I am set up with skills I will use throughout my life. Susan is nothing short of amazing to work with. I highly recommend this course.

Teressa West


My Intuitive Mission course is almost completed and I have learnt so much about myself. This course has helped me to love, feel and accept every part of my life journey. That a life well lived is full of colour not just shadows and light.
Susan’s passion to teach and guide each person to connect with their own intuition and trust what they receive is paramount in this amazing course.
Through the MIM journey I have been able to heal and restore parts of me that have been in fear for most of my life. A huge amount of gratitude to Susan for taking me safely through this process.
I now have more tools in my toolbox that I can use throughout my life when I am faced with challenges.
I have learnt how to selfcare on a daily basis which is great not only for myself but my family benefits from it too.
I highly recommend this course, it is life changing!!!! I know you will love Susan as I do.
Bubbles and Blessings Susan
Much Aroha xx

Chris Bryson


I have just recently finished Intuitive Professional and it has been intense – opening my eyes by challenging me to consider practices that I did not think was in my realm of possibility. A daily documentation of the worksheets helped me to gain wisdom, clarity and realisation of the connectivity in the process of spiritual awakening through the answers that I sought coming together in a meaningful cohesive way – through the many possibilities of finding messages by practices in different modes that I did not think possible for me. Guidance and support by the lovely Heather help me to have the confidence to improve upon any small gains I may have not thought significant at the time. I will miss her friendly chats! This course helped me to expand on my knowledge, connect, learn through reflection and TRUST in myself and the process – now it is up to me to continuing with my practice. THANK YOU!



I really like “My Soul Made Me Do It” as it really made me think about what I am doing and where my soul wants to be. It probably is the only course that I have done that made me really go WOW this is me and has been me from the beginning. I loved the writing of the Eulogy and the Uniting The Pieces. It’s something that I can easily review, add to when I think of other things and go back to when I need reminding. Thank you Susan for making it easy and waking me up.

Noeleen Contarino


I love Susan’s meditations. I have found them quite powerful and have had vivid experiences with each one.

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