I’m Susan 

First and foremost I am a student of all things spiritual and healing. 

I am also one of Australia’s leading Psychic  Mediums,  a Best selling Author of 3 books, Spiritual Mentor and passionate lover of life and the human spirit.

Helping to guide and empower women to have the skills to be their own healer through teaching how to develop psychic & mediumship skills with a powerful inner knowing and confidance.

Insight is the key to health, wealth , and happiness

ou see, I believe there is a new leader in the world right now, and it’s you! You have life experiences, wisdom and gifts waiting to be brought into the world so you and others can thrive.

Long before I was an Amazon Best Selling Author, Spiritual Medium and Mentor, I was a woman with a dream to help others find and live their dreams. I’m proud of the Online Spiritual Community I’ve created, where people’s hearts, minds and souls are moved towards feeling whole, healing past pain, loving themselves wholeheartedly and contributing to society in meaningful ways.

Through my online hub with world class online training I help people like you re-create what you ever thought was possible for yourself and bring forth your shining light.

“No one can help you unless you have a burning desire to help yourself first.”


ne of the things I’m often asked is, “Susan, how did you get started in all this?”

Straight away my mind goes back to being 11 years old and my mum walking out on my stepfather, leaving me with my 6-week-old brother and my baby sister. My heart was broken, my trust in life was gone, I felt like I was no-one and I was overwhelmed with responsibility.

Fast forward to my early forties when I’d worked so hard, we had enough money to retire and yet I had this deep aching pit of heaviness inside me.

I had been so “busy” and kept so quiet and my dreams, desires and past hurt so people wouldn’t leave me. I dimmed my light in fear if I showed up as “me” I would not be excepted. Have you ever felt like this? SO busy living for everyone else. Searching for fulfilment and acceptance from everyone but yourself?

But the universe gave me a big wake up call in the form of my world coming tumbling down around me. Everything caught up with me!



I broke my back for the second time and lost all “financial security” I thought I had.

I realised then I had to stop and find another way to live; a way that supported me instead of me supporting others and one where I could feel loved and trust in life again.

The search I went on may be the search you are on too right now. 

The search for who I was, my purpose, the search for love starting from within, the quest for my place in the world and always looking for ways to relearn how to trust in myself.

“There is something inside of you waiting to be given the opportunity to fly.”


y breakthrough came in the darkest days of my life when everyone around me was sick or dying and when my so-called security was gone. 

It led me to find the healer, the psychic, the medium, the teacher, the traveller, the writer and the all-round woman who is me and who is always inspired and spiritually connected each and every day and proud to be me.

Grounded and never forgetting my financial planning and business background as well as all those years being a single mum, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others step out of the darkness and into their light.

I believe in you even though we’ve probably never met.

“I believe you have the potential for greatness and I know you have the capacity to live an extraordinary life.”

Every step you take towards your healing, your learning, your growth and your prosperity flows on to those around you making this world a much better place.  

My wish for you, is for you to be who you want to be, and live the life you want to live!

Love, Light and Blessings

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 The definition of Insanity. “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”

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Your Soul Is Waiting To Be Heard

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All it needs is for you to learn how to hear it’s messages!