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I thank and recommend this MIM course with Susan Kennedy to all. Susan’s programs guided us as a group as well as on your own inner guidance which Susan with such loving support and grace eased you through your fears, limiting beliefs and shadows that mirrored you in your everyday life that still blocked your path, with such supoprt from Susan as well as the group to gain your confidence to move forward.  The connection within and between the group guided by Susan with her spiritual guides, as well as all of ours stepping in. Susan is very much a vessel or beacon of Light to help, support to guide you back to and Trust your Light. Thank you Susan for holding space in your beautiful heart for me and all. Lots of love and gratitude

Despite a lifetime of spiritual work, over the last two years, I seem to come up hard against old patterns I thought I had dealt with long ago. I found myself reacting to life in ways in ways that were less than helpful and I was quite sick of being around me! I was surprised at what I came up as I worked through the course, tears and Susan is there with you every step of the way. The group dynamic is very supportive also.  Susan has crafted a course that truly frees your soul.

I took Susan’s Intuitive Mission Course because I had blocks in my life that I couldn’t seem to overcome. I was at my lowest and just couldn’t work out how to move forward. I realized that I needed a new perspective and I wanted some insights into what I needed to do to change the direction of my life.  Susan’s course was exactly what I needed. I went from thinking that life was like a chore and burden and really not seeing a future, to feeling a sense of peace and calm knowing that I have a positive future. I am now excited about the endless possibilities and opportunities coming my way thanks to the amazing people in our group  and the tools Susan has equipped us with.