Being Psychic

Being Psychic

A psychic is someone who has the ability to be able to tune to someone else. They use different skills to be able to help people. Either naturally or through training a psychic will be able to activate and use psychic faculties to access information and guidance. The faculties they use are Clairvoyance, which is the ability to “see clearly.”  Clairvoyants are able to see images in their mind’s eye and also visions of the past present and future. Clairaudience is the ability to hear clearly.  Having clairaudient ability means that you’re able to listen to messages from Spirit Guides and hear messages. Clairsentience is the ability to “feel.”  This can be as simple as feeling if something is right or wrong or being able to feel the physical energy of another person or of a situation. These are the three main psychic faculties that a psychic uses as well as other tools like cards, numerology, astrology etc. In a reading the psychic is tuning into the energy of the other person & they will have visions, they will see events and situations, they may see symbols in their mind.

You don’t have to work as a Psychic to Be Psychic

Developing & using psychic intuition is a skill that can be learned and people from all walks of life use this ability. It is invaluable for

  • Solving problems in any line of work or any life situation
  • Getting to the heart of a matter quicker and more accurately, with clients, patients, family & friends
  • Trusting decision making in any aspect of life

Why Do People Consult Psychics?

 Mostly people will seek a reading when they are at a crossroads in life.  It is at this point they feel the need for a different perspective and guidance. I understand through my work as a healer and a spiritual medium that we all have personal responsibility.  Therefore whatever is uncovered in reading always has the power to be changed by the person receiving the reading. In my belief, reading is a process to help guide you to understand past circumstances and present situations being played out right now. So many times when you are stuck you forget what has gone on in the past.  You ignore the repeating patterns of behaviour that have brought you to the same situation time and time again. A psychic reading can help you to uncover those things that stop you from achieving your own goals and also give you the trust to follow “right” action for you.

However, it is much more empowering to learn how to tune into yourself.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to stop having readings and

  • See your own future
  • Know you can trust your feelings
  • Be able to hear messages from your Guides?

It is possible and easy to do, you just have to receive training and take the time to learn a new set of life skills.

Developing Your Skills Brings Self Responsibility

You alone have the capacity and the ability to create your world.  Usually old hurts, thoughts, beliefs and situations cause you to believe you cannot have what you want. I understand you have the answers you seek within you. If you are ready to, with help, you’re able to train yourself to access your inner answers. All of the psychic faculties I mentioned earlier are things anyone can develop with time and training. Some people are more naturally intuitive and in touch with themselves and others require step-by-step instructions.

This program will enhance your psychic ability, no question! 


The wonderful thing is everybody can learn absolutely everybody, and that means you.

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