Spiritual Courses


The Spiritual Purpose of Life

I believe life is a playground for us to experience ourselves as part of the Great Spirit.

The greatest joy in life is knowing who you are and having the courage, confidence, and tools to live an authentic and meaningful life. That’s why I’ve created these resources so you can discover more of who you and are and feel empowered to take right action that will help your soul evolution and those you journey through life with.

Maybe you’ve reached a point where you are saying, “enough is enough I’m ready to take action!”

Perhaps you are tired of feeling the way you do and KNOW you must do something different?

 The definition of Insanity is “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

 Maybe it’s time to become curious, excited and to learn new exciting, helpful, healing, and interesting skills?

Do you feel a pull towards doing ‘something’ even if you don’t fully know why?  You can feel the spiritual world is calling you? That’s how it happened for me and all those who have joined the journey back to self.

Application Only

My Intuitive Mission

A place to heal and grow daily for inner light and purpose and remove the old programming from your past. This program is designed to take you back to who you really are, to uncover your true self and to take you to a place of inner knowing where you no longer doubt your worthiness or your right to happiness.

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$197 AUD

Materialise Love

Experiencing true love is at the core of our reason for being alive and it is what life is really about. If you are ready to discover love and let unfold in your heart, this course is for you. Don't waste another moment, learn how to have a deeply profound relationship with yourself and attract more love into your life now.

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$49 AUD

Find Your Purpose

If you’ve been wondering what your divine purpose is, this short course will give you all the clues you need. Expect many ‘aha’ moments as you begin to understand and see the true nature of your very special adventure that is your life. The exercises will wake you up and give you a whole new perspective on why you are here and show you how to unveil your unique purpose. You have a unique purpose in life and you bring with you much wisdom and gifts from previous lives.

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$29 AUD

Meditation: Finding The Light with Susan Kennedy

Susan’s Finding The Light Meditations take you on a journey deep within so you can be at one with your spirit. Every meditation is channelled through bringing a frequency of healing with it so you will feel lighter, calmer and more at peace with yourself and your life. You will find your favourites and you will love the new meditations as they come through being exactly what Spirit wants to share at any given time.

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Ready to Explore and Develop Your Intuition?

I believe every person has an intuitive ability. It is a natural part of being human.

I realized many people were coming back to see me time and time again for spiritual guidance and readings instead of trusting in what was right for them. This is why I teach people how to access their intuitive abilities and use them to have trust and confidence in themselves.

If you want to develop this aspect of yourself this is how it will help you:

– You will trust what you see, hear, feel, and know enabling you to take more right actions so you to live an authentic life.

– You will feel more connected to your spirit and to the flow of the Universe so you will attract more abundance into your life.

– You will have the tools to get the answers you need for your healing, health, relationships, and your happiness.

If you value ongoing education and connection with other like-minded souls, I  encourage you to come on a life-changing journey with me


Professional Intuitive Training Program

Lightworkers Intuitive Training Online Program with Private Coaching. Developing your Psychic clairvoyance and mediumship abilities can be an exciting life-changing experience, as Susan found out when she first embarked on the journey over 15 years ago but it takes time, consistency, dedication and the right mentors to guide you. This is one of a kind training. There is nothing else out in the market like this in this 4-month development program.

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