What is Psychic Awakening Course?


Hi, are you curious about the Psychic Awakening Online Course?

Reading for people I discovered most had the answers they were seeking inside of them and were looking for confirmation of what they already knew to be true.If you don’t already know me, visit my page https://www.susanelizabethkennedy.com

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I believe you have inner knowing, intuition and higher guidance ready and waiting for you to tune in and listen. You can live a rich, full & happy life when you are in alignment with your soul, and when you trust the insights you have. Enhancing your soul connection will enrich all areas of your life bringing you  the changes you want in your life.

Psychic Awakening Course – Intuitive Insights in Under 30 Days

This self-paced course develops & improves your current intuitive & psychic abilities actively enhancing all areas of your life. It is designed to take you step by step through all of the things you need to develop your intuition. Don’t worry if you have never done anything like this before!  You receive clear & precise explanations, instructions, exercises, meditations, tools & guidelines to get real results improving all aspects of your world. You will surprise yourself, I know it!

The benefits of improving yourself through connecting with your soul’s wisdom are immeasurable:

Decisions will be easier as you trust your guidance. Life will be richer as you connect with inner & higher guidance. There will be more certainty as you  begin to “know” what is happening now and in the future

The question is, are you really ready to experience the incredible personal and spiritual growth waiting for you as you journey through the course? It is a spiritual journey of self exploration and an activation of your authentic intuitive self.

Remember it will be at your own pace, in your home & you have lifetime access to the videos, worksheets and meditations. You also have my personal support in this course.


All you need to know to work safely and effectively. Start the insight flowing and create a framework that works for you! We cover opening yourself safely for psychic work and how to ground yourself, clear space energetically within yourself and your environment. I teach you the protocols , the do’s & the don’ts to work ethically & safely with this energy.


 Tools & ways to build your psychic energy; learn how to expand your aura & build your intuitive connection. See how colours bring deep insight about every aspect of life. Chakra Guided Meditation to help you open & build your aura & expand your psychic energy. I show you how to tune into colours and understand what they mean.


Decipher the symbols of your mind and learn how working with jewellery, objects & flowers gives you psychic information. Work with exercises to enhance your psychic faculties. Tools to help you track your progress, exercises to help you further develop your understanding of those amazing symbols and signs your mind brings you.


Establish a dialogue with the wisdom of your Higher Self &  meet your Spirit Guide as I give you tools that will let you really trust & KNOW all the answers for you. Three guided meditations to meet your higher self, connect with guides & ascertain a clear “yes & no” in your body. No more having to wonder if what you sense is true!


Answers about Health. Tune into your body to receive “psychic” insight into your health & vitality. See where the blockages are & how you can have more energy, vitality & health. I give you tools and exercises to enhance your insight. Activate Third Eye with exercises to strengthen psychic vision.


Answers on Relationships & Love – Insight into your relationships with yourself &  others. Learn how to use crystals for insight & development. Learn How to do a coffee cup reading. Additional Bonus – Crystal Workbook. Exercises to read using crystals & to tune into your relationship opportunities.


Know what your birth number means and where you are in the 9-year life cycle. You will understand & know the challenges associated with your numbers. Create Reading Ribbons and do a Ribbon Reading as well as  seeing how to work with intuitive Psychic Art


Tips & tools to use psychic insight to help you & others. Understand the influences of  your star signs & the four elements in your life. Use intuitive writing for further insights.

This is a journey you will not want to miss as your inner wisdom & confidence unfolds.



The Skype calls are there to assist you with the individual questions you have as you work your way through the program. I have found having mentors work with me to be invaluable & I know these calls will really make a difference to you & your success.





Feel free to email me at psychicmediumsusan@gmail.com with any questions

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