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Q. Why Learn about Love and what’s my Materialize Love program all about?

A. After thousands of readings, healing sessions and teaching students about spirituality, I’ve discovered self-love is a skill we need to learn. Love just doesn’t happen, it’s there, it’s who you are, you must learn how to uncover it within yourself.


Love is patient, Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, It is not proud, it is not rude, it is not self-seeking
It is not easily angered It keeps no records of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil But rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, It always trusts Always hopes, always perseveres, Love never fails   

Corinthians 13:4

Materialise Love is an opportunity for you to learn some new skills. In my program, you will get clarity on what ‘love is’ along with an in depth understanding of the spiritual purpose and nature of human relationships.

I believe we all share a common purpose, which is to find love inside ourselves and become the number one person in our lives.

Finding and supporting the part of you who needs your love is the basis for this program. She’s there somewhere hidden deep inside you and is waiting for you.


  • Ready to learn how to love yourself?
  • Tired of making the same mistakes in relationships?
  • Scared of being hurt again?
  • Ready to stand up and set some strong clear boundaries?
  • Willing to learn how to be the best loving version of yourself?

Then this program is for you.

Materialise Love is delivered in eight weekly recorded training videos which you can watch at your leisure taking your time with the training so you can discover the ‘how” to love yourself skills.

Once you purchase the program you have lifetime access to it and any updates I put into the program along the way.

Here is what’s covered in the course

Module 1

Finding and Loving You

  • Get clarity on what love is and where it is so you can learn how to sit in, feel it and become it
  • Discover the real reason you are meant to be in relationships so you can re-frame how you view them
  • Look at the nature of relationships and the key components which create strong solid heart connections
  • Do an honest evaluation of you and your life so you have clarity
  • Set a goal for this program so you get what you want
  • Find the part of you who needs loving
  • Strategies and tips on ‘how’ to love you
Module 2

Find the Gold in Past Relationships

  • Learn about the process of alchemy, how to transform past hurts into joy
  • Examine major relationships & discover how you have reacted and what there is still to understand
  • Examine the webs created within relationships to set yourself free
  • Celebrate the love you’ve experienced & find ways to completion so you can let go of past loves.
  • My guided Meditation “loving you”
Module 3

Crystallizing your Vision of Love

  • Get clarity on the type of relationship you want
  • Create your vision for how you want to ‘be’ in a loving relationship as we look at practical steps to get you ready.
  • How do you want your life to look? Bring it to life with a vision board.
Module 4

Masculine & Feminine, Mind-set & Money

  • Understand the Masculine and Feminine and how to balance it.
  • Optimize your mind-set for loving relationships
  • Make peace with money in your relationships and learn how to have a sense of self around finances
Module 5

Barriers & Boundaries

  • Understanding the difference between the two and recognize your barriers to love
  • Explore simple steps to releasing your barriers to love
  • Find freedom as you learn how to create healthy personal boundaries
  • My Tips to deal with those gate crashers who continually try to over step your boundaries
Module 6

Heart to Heart Communication

  • How to Listen from your heart to create more loving relationships
  • How to speak with love even when you feel it’s impossible
  • Learn how to have those difficult yet liberating conversations
  • Discover the languages of love and so you can give and receive more easily
Module 7

Raising Your Vibration for Love

  • Why your voice is a major power source for manifesting love and how to actively engage your mating roar
  • What mantras are and how to use them to increase your power to love
  • The ways sacred dance and movement will activate your kundalini energy for better sexual attraction
Module 8

Being a Confident Lover

  • The many benefits having great sex brings to you
  • How to increase your confidence with sex
  • Nine skills to enhance sexual intimacy and confidence

Get this course and all it’s value for only $197.00 AUD


“Susan Kennedy speaks from the heart.  Her materialise love program really gets you thinking about digging deeper when finding love.

 I love her use of analogies and stories told as it resonates some truth with all of us.  Susan has a great balance of empathy, passion and drive and when you apply her methods, she knows how to get the best out of you.

Wherever you are in your love life or if you are feeling stuck in life and are ready for change, I would highly recommend Susan to help you grow on your new journey. Thank you Susan for giving me life skills and showing me that anything is possible when you learn to love yourself first.”

2 reviews for Materialize Love

  1. Gaye Murray

    A course that encourages you to understand past relationships and hurt, absolve yourself of guilt and pain and move forward into rich relationships – and what they look and feel like! Love Susan’s work – so loving, knowledgeable and wise!

  2. Megan Burns

    So many golden nuggets in this course. It gave me such a great perspective on past relationships and opened my eyes to what I can look forward to when using a heart centred approach in current and future relationships.

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