Meditation & Insight

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a way of connecting you to your inner world. It’s a time when you

  • Nourish your spirit
  • Can relax
  • Find inner answers
  • Let go of stress
  • Notice more about your life
  • Become aware of all aspects of who you are 
  • Chat with your Spirit Guides

You enter a “zone” as you let go of your stress. You are meant to be in the flow of “Divine Consciousness”  receiving inspirational ideas and thoughts.  When you experience the “zone” you sense the powerful life changing energy available to you. I’ve never “used” but the feeling is just so powerful, complete connection and oneness!

I love it!  It’s like the warmth just before you nod off to sleep.

Finding ways to meditate gives you a chance to find your inner power, create more inner peace and ultimately learn more about who you are. It’s amazing how much clearer your mind is with regular meditation. Best of all if you are ready to improve your intuitive skills, you will see more, feel more and hear more, all while being very Zen!

In meditation you sit in your own divinity and power


Try these simple tips for meditation

  1. Search the Internet for free guided meditations, which will relax you and guide you on a journey
  2. Become aware of your breath as a way of relaxing your body and your mind. Simply focusing on your breathing & becoming aware of the rise and fall of your chest can take you into a meditative state
  3. Use a mantra or a word to chant in your mind over and over again. Using the sound “OM” repeatedly in your mind will attract a new vibration into your mind, body & spirit
  4. In your mind,focus on the image of a candle with a bright burning flame.  Imagine each breath keeping the flame steady
  5. Experiment with the right times to meditate for you. It may be as soon as you wake in the morning or just before you go to bed at night
  6. Begin with short meditations with no expectation of any outcome
  7. Simply making a commitment to sit with yourself is enough to begin with


The Psychic Mastery program includes Guided Meditations to Support You On The Journey Of Discovering Your Inner Guidance.

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