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Professional Intuitive Training Program

Professional Intuitive Training is a 4-6 month training program with individual coaching so you get the success you deserve.

This is a professional level course like no other training out there as far as tools, support, and the in-depth knowledge taught. This program gives you everything you need to awaken your intuitive, psychic, and mediumship skills so you can live intuitively and authentically as well as giving you the opportunity for growth as a professional psychic. 

Susan has structured and implemented the training with all the skills she has developed and learned over the past 15 years. It has come together as Professional Intuitive Training, a course delivered with lifetime access to video training PLUS individual and group coaching.

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5 reviews for Lightworkers Intuitive Training Development Program

  1. Tanya Smith

    Thank you for putting your courses together they are wonderful and I’m so happy I can access everything online.
    I have finished the intuitive program now and I loved it! I’m doing my final coaching call with Heather on Monday.
    In the last ten days of videos, I did experience some energy shifts and some mediumship moments during the meet your loved one meditation. I also put in place my own healing work to occur while I sleep with my guides and during the full moon, I could see them already working on me right before I fell asleep. I could see purple light (violet flame) and I told a friend from the Gold Coast and she had done a violet flame meditation on the same night without each other knowing at the time.
    I can’t wait to sink my teeth into more of your programs.
    Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts, that is very kind.
    I think I was nervous last night because my husband put an offer on a house here and it was accepted yesterday, so it looks like we will be staying in Perth for a while longer.
    When he did the offer I did silently ask my guides to navigate if it was for our highest good to allow the offer to flow smoothly, and if not then just let it fall through.
    The agent has now told us there were other offers for more money but the owner knocked those back so I guess the house chose us.
    The house number is 61 so I did some reading today about 7 houses in numerology. It was interesting. I have more learning to do in numerology, my knowledge there is quite limited.
    When we drove to view the house I saw a sign that had 444 on it. I was telling Heather that I sometimes see this number sequence at very pivotal important moments in my journey and I don’t know if it’s good or bad so I thought it was interesting that I saw it on my way to see this house.
    I’m finding the work very interesting at the moment. The courses are wonderful, you have delivered your knowledge beautifully. I’m so happy to have been fortunate enough to fly under your wing.

  2. Gabrielle Lenarduzzi

    Hi Susan,

    I am just taking a moment to tell you how happy I am doing the LIT Program.

    I have found the course material to be very detailed leading to insight into the psychic development process across a broad range of subjects. The course material is beautifully presented, easy to understand and fascinating drawing on Susan’s vast experience as a psychic and medium. It is well-paced and I find that there is so much wisdom that I enjoy doing each section of the course several times. The practical exercises are fun and we are very privileged to have access to other course members through zoom meetings and a private messenger group along with the Facebook hub of all Susan’s students. These groups give you a supportive network of likeminded people to share and practice with. Susan and our mentor Heather are constantly connecting with us on these platforms offering guidance and support.

    The meditations that accompany the course work are some of the most extraordinary guided meditations I have experienced.

    I am finding the development process brings up emotional issues within yourself for healing and the mentorship of both Susan and Heather with regard to this have been outstanding. They are both so personable and happy to help you in any way. Heather has an extraordinary gift of listening gently and deeply and offering just the right advice as you need it. Susan channels extraordinary wisdom and I feel so blessed to have been directed by spirit to her.

    Love and best wishes


  3. Chris Bryson

    I have just recently finished my course LIGHTWORKERS INTUITIVE TRAINING and it has been intense – opening my eyes by challenging me to consider practices that I did not think was in my realm of possibility. Daily documentation of the worksheets helped me to gain wisdom, clarity and realisation of the connectivity in the process of spiritual awakening through the answers that I sought coming together in a meaningful cohesive way – through the many possibilities of finding messages by practices in different modes that I did not think possible for me. Guidance and support by the lovely Heather help me to have the confidence to improve upon any small gains I may have not thought significant at the time. I will miss her friendly chats! This course helped me to expand on my knowledge, connect, learn through reflection and TRUST in myself and the process – now it is up to me to continuing with my practice. THANK YOU!


  4. Lori Brown

    This course has taken me to places I’d only ever dream of. It has given me the confidence to follow my dreams. Which in turn has made me be more focused, mind-full, looking at life in an extremely dynamic way that anything is possible with intention. With Susan’s teachings things that you once thought impossible are all possible and definitely achievable.
    Susan’s way of teaching is positive, fun. You will be supported by a loving, caring community. Don’t doubt don’t second guess.s.


  5. elizabeth barron

    I have got such a lot out of having a great Life Coach in Lightworkers who has also helped to transform me in my life’s journey… This also includes learning about my awareness within… As I have learnt about myself in a more easy way of understanding, I have experienced how to feel, sense, hear, see and trust in what I am receiving, much, much, more than I did previously…
    I thank Susan very much in the way she has put this program together, with such knowledge and scientific evidence backing her way of healing…
    I also thank you Heather for the way in which you have conducted yourself on each and every call, using your knowledge, and experiences to explain in an easy to understand way in which to use healing to benefit myself!
    I can only say, It has been a very inspiring journey to the present date.
    Now for me to keep working on myself! Clearing the way for better opportunities and knowledge via my guides who walk with me every day, and my inquiring mind, and also the LOVE that comes from my intelligence and loving heart.
    Much Love and blessings to you……

    Elizabeth. Xo

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January 22, 2020

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