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Materialise Love
Love is one of the core fundamental needs we have and without it, life is empty and meaningless. Many women trade their souls for love looking for it in all the wrong places. When love is in your life everything sparkles and nothing dims your light no matter what is happening around you. Experiencing true love is at the core of our reason for being alive and it is what life is really about. If you are ready to discover love and let unfold in your heart, this course is for you. How to have a deeply profound relationship with yourself and attract more love into your life
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2 reviews for Materialize Love

  1. Gaye Murray

    A course that encourages you to understand past relationships and hurt, absolve yourself of guilt and pain and move forward into rich relationships – and what they look and feel like! Love Susan’s work – so loving, knowledgeable and wise!

  2. Megan Burns

    So many golden nuggets in this course. It gave me such a great perspective on past relationships and opened my eyes to what I can look forward to when using a heart centred approach in current and future relationships.

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October 11, 2019

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