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Meditation: Finding The Light with Susan Kennedy

This program transports the listener to places deep within themselves creating inner peace and harmony. 
It’s well known that meditating is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress in our bodies and calm the mind.
Susan’s Finding The Light Meditations take you on a journey deep within so you can be at one with your spirit. Every meditation is channelled through bringing a frequency of healing with it so you will feel lighter, calmer and more at peace with yourself and your life.
You will find your favourites and you will love the new meditations as they come through being exactly what Spirit wants to share at any given time.
Enjoy your time with you!

Course Review

5 reviews for Guided Meditations with Susan Kennedy

  1. Teressa West (verified owner)

    I’ve finally completed Susan’s Meditation Course the reason being that some of the meditations I listened to them several nights in a row or I would go back and re-listen to a previous one.
    I found the meditations to take me deeper into myself and find a place where I could completely relax, physically release all tension and connect to my Spirit in ways I haven’t experienced before.
    I highly recommend this course if you are looking for a deeper connection to your Spirit.
    Thank you Susan. Hugs & Happiness x

    • Susan Kennedy

      Hi Teressa, thanks for your lovely words and I’m so glad you are enjoying the journey within! Much love Susan xxx

  2. Tala Tinetti

    Susan’s meditations are beautiful. I love listening to them and I find them very powerful. They take you on a journey and the connection is special.

  3. Noeleen Contarino (verified owner)

    I love Susan’s meditations. I have found them quite powerful and have had vivid experiences with each one.

  4. Leslie Tolar

    Susan is very passionate and caring and her passion is contagious.

    • Susan Kennedy

      Thank you Leslie for your kind words. It is a pleasure having you as part of our community
      The Kennedy Team

  5. Tammi N

    I LOVE Susan’s meditation it is so relaxing but it also feels like it takes you on a journey of healing different areas in your life and spirit.

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July 18, 2019