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My Intuitive Mission
A place to heal and grow daily for inner light and purpose and remove the old programming from your past. This program is designed to take you back to who you really are, to uncover your true self and to take you to a place of inner knowing where you no longer doubt your worthiness or your right to happiness.
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13 reviews for My Intuitive Mission

  1. Dilrukshini Fonseka

    Thank you Susan for creating this course and making it accessible. I found it valuable for my spiritual growth. It’s been a journey for me as I’ve learnt lifetime tools to help me work through my limiting beliefs through to awakening to my true self. I found myself peeling layers and layers of stories and patterns that no longer serve me to being accepting of who I am. I truly encourage anyone who wants to find themselves to do the course and be persistent in completing. I assure you’ll emerge different person at the end of the course.

    • Susan Kennedy

      Hi Dili
      congratulations on the commitment you made to yourself and your spiritual growth..I’ve seen so many changes in you through your participation in our members-only private Facebook Group and you are blossoming. Thanks for the lovely review and again, well done for persisting and following the calling of your spirit, much love, Susan xxx

  2. Lori brown

    With Susans guidance and well planned courses will make you feel apart of her wonderful community.
    You are made feel at ease and you feel like You are doing something great for yourself and your future.
    Susan teaches you the tools you need to move forward in life. Helping you with relationships, life goals. You come out feeling positive, confident and knowing what your true life goals are.
    Thankyou, thankyou Susan

    • Susan Kennedy

      It’s been fabulous to see you grow in confidence through our one on one mentoring Lori. Seeing you face old fears and situations and act from new inner awareness and power is a testament to your diligence in showing up each week and being willing to grow. It’s great seeing you get the most out of the online study and our awesome Intuitive Hub community. Watch out world, Lori the animal communicator and healer is ready!

  3. Lori Brown

    Susan’s Course has transformed my life. I Have learnt to have confidence by improving my relationship with myself. By loving myself and being true to myself has opened a clear path to reach my life’s goals. Susan finds your light when you cant. I can strongly recommend this course.

  4. Marcia Bos

    I have completed & enjoyed Susan’s Intuitive Mission Course and must say that this programme has been a very profound & deep experience for me.
    For over 25 years I have studied & worked in the Intuitive healing fields and undertaken many workshops, courses etc that have taken me back to the past & of course the present to access and reveal the real me!
    I would highly recommend Susan’s coaching in taking you on a very unique journey of self discovery, revealing & exposing all of yourself in a raw and integral way bringing the truth of who you are to the forefront.
    Thank you Susan, love & blessings Marcia, Gold Coast

    • Susan Kennedy

      Hi Marcia, many thanks for your comments and I know how much you dedicated yourself to the program and I’m so pleased you had the results you did. It’s been a joy sharing this with you and seeing you blossom. Keep shining! Love Susan xxx

  5. Michelle Pitt

    Thanks Susan for your beautiful delivery of this wonderful course which has opened & released me from things that weren’t mine, made me accept & love what was mine and taught me to express myself in Divine light and love. Continuing to expand, grow and love in all that I am. I know that I have said this before but you have been blessing and the Divine works through you wonderfully and in your teachings. Learning to sit and reflect on what we are going through and then being able to use this daily is just one exploratory tools which I have learnt along with learning to recognise that we are all intuitive; we just need to make the space to listen. I am being creative once again and I love it. You are authentic to who you are. Blessings & Namaste xx

  6. Linda Humphries

    I Thank and recommend this MIM course with Susan Kennedy to all. Susan’s program guided us as a group as well as on your own inner guidance which Susan with such loving support and grace eased you through your fears, limiting beliefs and shadows that mirrored you in everyday life that still blocked your path, with such support from Susan as well the group to gain your confidence to move forward. The connection between and within the group guided by Susan with her Spiritual guides, as well as all of ours stepping in. Susan is very much a vessel or beacon of Light to help, support to guide you back to and Trust Your Light. Than You Susan for holding space in Your Beautiful Heart for me and all. Lots of Love and Gratitude Susan xoxo

    • Susan Kennedy

      Hi Linda, thanks so much for your heartfelt words and for all the contributions you make on an ongoing basis to support those going through the course. Your loving heart and sensitivity were such a welcome addition to the group. Keep shining your precious light brightly as you continue to inspire others, much love, Susan

  7. Lisa Bodley

    Despite a lifetime of spiritual work, over the last two years, I seemed to come hard up against old patterns I thought I had dealt with long ago. I found myself reacting to life in ways that were less than helpful and I was quite sick of being around me! I was surprised at what came up as I worked thorugh the course, tears and delights both and Susan is there with you every step of the way. The group dynamic is very supportive also, Susan has crafted a course that truly frees your soul.

    • Susan Kennedy

      Hi Lisa, thanks for your beautiful words! I know you put 100% into each and every day and working with you has been an absolute delight. It takes courage to keep on learning and growing and finding the amazing woman that you are who is now weaving her own special kind of magic. All blessings and love to you. Susan

  8. Megan Burns

    I took Susan’s Intuitive Mission Course because I had blocks in my life that I couldn’t seem to overcome. I was at my lowest and just couldn’t work out how to move forward. I realised I needed a new perspective and I wanted some insight into what I needed to do to change the direction of my life. Susan’s course was exactly what I needed. I went from feeling like life was a chore and a burden and really not seeing a future, to feeling a sense of peace and calm and knowing that I have a positive future. I am now excited about the endless possibilities and opportunities coming my way thanks to the amazing people in our group and the tools Susan has equipped us with..

    • Susan Kennedy

      Hi Megan, thank you for being so open and honest about where you were at in your life when you took this course. I am continually heartened when I see how much you have opened up and to see your leadership re-emerging. You show great team spirit always supporting others and it’s been an absolute joy taking this journey with you! You are a ray of pure sunshine!

  9. Teressa West

    My Intuitive Mission course is almost completed and I have learnt so much about myself. This course has helped me to love, feel and accept every part of my life journey. That a life well lived is full of colour not just shadows and light.
    Susan’s passion to teach and guide each person to connect with their own intuition and trust what they receive is paramount in this amazing course.
    Through the MIM journey I have been able to heal and restore parts of me that have been in fear for most of my life. A huge amount of gratitude to Susan for taking me safely through this process.
    I now have more tools in my toolbox that I can use throughout my life when I am faced with challenges.
    I have learnt how to selfcare on a daily basis which is great not only for myself but my family benefits from it too.
    I highly recommend this course, it is life changing!!!! I know you will love Susan as I do.
    Bubbles and Blessings Susan
    Much Aroha xx

    • Susan Kennedy

      Teressa, you are like a breath of sunshine and seeing and feeling you grow is such a joy! I know you have so much love inside you and every day you choose to live from that awesome space of love inside you. Thanks for the lovely review, it really is much appreciated! Love, light and many blessings

  10. Gaye Murray

    I have almost finished the MIM course and truly not wanting it to end! I have loved, loved it! Susan has designed a gentle course that awakens our self-awareness in the most amazing way. I have learned not only about myself but about the wonder of spirituality and intuition. Her authenticity, wisdom and love transfers through the screen. Needless to say I recommend this course and her other courses whole-heartedly. Be prepared to go to places in yourself that surprise and delight you despite what you may regard as being a little dark when you first begin. Thank you so much Susan! Your work is amazing!

    • Susan Kennedy

      Thank you so much Gaye, it’s been such a joy seeing you participate in the Facebook group and sharing your delight as it unfolds. You are one dedicated lady and I know you are awakening many parts of you that are bringing much beauty and love into the world. Shine on lovely lady!!!

  11. Michelle Pitt

    My Intuitive Mission is my second course with Susan and both were inspired after a workshop I attended earlier in 2020. That workshop awakened my spirit to wanting to be truly free of patterns that weren’t or aren’t serving me in the best possible way. I want the real me to come out and live a life of joy, peace and abundance. This course has opened me up, exposed some realities, got me to trust in myself & spirit and get a clear focus in what I want. The daily activities keep you focused and are revealing to what you have buried inside. Susan has been so easy to work with and delivers the right tools in helping you release, let go and heal. Her energy and smile are magnetic. Susan truly wants what is best for you, me and everyone. I have been blessed to have done this course and I highly recommend Susan to anyone who truly wants a change ??

    • Susan Kennedy

      Hi Michelle, watching you grow and seeing how much you are committed to yourself has been inspiring. You have such a beautiful spirit and I’ve loved seeing how you’ve been willing to find and free the awesome woman that you are, much love, Susan

  12. Jane Carew

    The most empowering course I have ever completed. I couldn’t get enough and learnt things about myself I didn’t know I had buried. Uplifting and life changing and now I am set up with skills I will use throughout my life. Susan is nothing short of amazing to work with. I highly recommend this course.

    • Susan Kennedy

      Jane, thank you for the lovely comments and I know you are someone who commits to everything you do. You make a huge difference in the world and I’m so pleased this course helped you in the way it has. Keep on shining! love Susan x

  13. Anne Thomson

    I have finished MIM with Susan and she has taught me so much. She has shown me tools to use to clear blockages and the clear my past. She helped all areas of my life. This course has made me crying one minute and laughing the next. If you are willing to put the hard work in, you will receive so much from this course. She was and will be there for you always. She is one in a million and I could not praise her enough. Anne Tweed Area

    • Susan Kennedy

      Thank you Anne! I just love how dedicated you’ve been and still are to your spiritual growth and absolutely nothing stops you, which is so inspiring! You have so much to give to the world so keep on shining your beautiful light! Susan x

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January 29, 2020