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How to unveil your unique purpose and unite the pieces. You have a unique purpose in life and you bring with you much wisdom and gifts from previous lives.
If you’ve been wondering what your divine purpose is, this short course will give you all the clues you need, some of them will surprise and delight you. Expect many ‘aha’ moments as you begin to understand and see the true nature of your very special adventure that is your life.
The exercises will wake you up and give you a whole new perspective on what it is you are here for.

Enjoy piecing together your puzzle of life.


Course Review

3 reviews for My Soul Made Me Do It

  1. Caren White

    Thoroughly enjoyed this training as I currently need to rethink my current career and by going back to my first few years of life has given me more scope to play with. Though I haven’t yet found an alternative it has given me the building blocks to rethink an alternative.

    • Susan Kennedy

      Thank you Caren I love that you got so much from this little but powerful course x

  2. Tammi Napoli

    I loved this course. It was simple but profound in its learning and comprehension

  3. Michelle Pitt

    I really like “My Soul Made Me Do It” as it really made me think about what I am doing and where my soul wants to be. It probably is the only course that I have done that made me really go WOW this is me and has been me from the beginning. I loved the writing of the Eulogy and the Uniting The Pieces. It’s something that I can easily review, add to when I think of other things and go back to when I need reminding. Thank you Susan for making it easy and waking me up.

    • Susan Kennedy

      Thank you Michelle I love that is has helped you.Keep up the amazing work and shine your light bright

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July 21, 2019