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Psychic Awakening
Each and every person was born with the ability to tune into the unseen world and use their six senses to live a healthy, happy, harmonious and successful life.

Have you wondered if you are psychic? You are, you just haven’t yet fully awakened this divine part of your spiritual and human nature.
This course builds a firm foundation for awakening your abilities and teaches the correct protocols to follow as well as the beginners skills you need to receive true insight.


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3 reviews for Psychic Awakening Course

  1. Lori

    Susan finds your light when you cant do it for yourself. It is truely tasting victory. I now make decisions that previously were difficult. Life is effortless.. Don’t doubt, don’t second guess, when the intuitive nudge from within, act and thats all you need to do.

    • Susan Kennedy

      Hi Lori
      Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences. Seeing you grow through this process has been truly amazing and it’s been a joy to continue the journey with you in the mentoring journey we are on together. You have a very special gift to share with the world and seeing it unfold is magical! Keep shining! Love Susan

  2. Noeleen Contarino

    Absolutely loved this course. I found it full of information, easy to understand and learned practical ways of putting this knowledge into practice. I feel fortunate to have discovered Susan Kennedy’s teachings. Great value for the price.

    • Susan Kennedy

      Thank you, Noeleen for your beautiful words. We love that you are enjoying the training
      The Kennedy Team

  3. Chris Bryson

    Something I having been wanting to undertake for a long time. Highlighted and consolidated some skills that I have and taught me about new ones I have not contemplated before. Thank you Susan.

    • Susan Kennedy

      Thank you for your sharing Chris. We are excited to hear about your journey through Light-workers Intuitive Training and your coaching sessions.
      The Kennedy Team xx

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October 10, 2019

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