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Lightworkers Intuitive Training Development Program

Lightworkers Intuitive Training (LIT) is an 16-week on-demand home study video training program with individual coaching so you get the success you deserve.

LIT is a professional level course like no other training out there as far as tools and knowledge taught and delivered with the opportunity for growth as a professional psychic. 

Susan has structured and implemented the training with all the skills she has developed and learned over the past 15 years. It has come together as Lightworkers Intuitive Training, a course that curves your learning time and quantifies your knowledge and understanding.

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  1. Chris Bryson

    I have just recently finished my eight week course Intuitive Professional and it has been intense – opening my eyes by challenging me to consider practices that I did not think was in my realm of possibility. Daily documentation of the worksheets helped me to gain wisdom, clarity and realisation of the connectivity in the process of spiritual awakening through the answers that I sought coming together in a meaningful cohesive way – through the many possibilities of finding messages by practices in different modes that I did not think possible for me. Guidance and support by the lovely Heather help me to have the confidence to improve upon any small gains I may have not thought significant at the time. I will miss her friendly chats! This course helped me to expand on my knowledge, connect, learn through reflection and TRUST in myself and the process – now it is up to me to continuing with my practice. THANK YOU!

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January 22, 2020

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