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  • 8 Pillars to Heal and Live Your Mission
  • 60+ Hours Video Training
  • Fortnightly Group Mentoring with Susan
  • Transcendence Meditations
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Awakening Your Intuitive Self
  • Emotional Clearing Tools
  • Intuitive Living Training
  • Downloadable Exercises
  • Rewards Program Points
  • 2 x Tickets to Live Event
  • Monthly Group Coaching
  • Daily Community Connection
  • Ongoing New Training



This is your place to delve into the gifts of your soul and find the real you so you can live your extraordinary life. There are many spiritually based programs in the hub, created so you can have more insight, more skills, and more confidence to lead a meaningful, soul-filled next-level life.
Valued at over $2000
Connect that with the fortnightly mentoring with Susan Kennedy and your results are limitless if you are open to change and doing the work.

New programs are added on a regular basis, all taking you to new places of insight, learning and wisdom.

You came into this life to be who you were meant to be, with a specific purpose and with inner gifts to share with the world.

Through the hub, “All Online Student Programs” you have many ways to expand the vision of who you are and find the answers your soul is calling you towards. Finding your pathway to the reason why you are here and what your soul brought you to this world to experience. There are many clues to your Divine purpose and when you know exactly why you are here; life becomes so much sweeter and clearer.

The nagging underlying question drops away as you know you have a purpose. As you discover the deeper yet simple Spiritual truths about your specific unique journey, you will feel so much more at ease with why you are here and what your soul wants for you.

You are so much more than your physical body and through activating your sixth sense through Meditations with Susan and Psychic Awakening you access your soul’s intuition, the inner compass that is always guiding you to greater freedom, health, wealth and happiness.

Learn how to trust so you no longer doubt what relationship is right, or what opportunity to take, or what the right decision is for you and your future.

Learn to understand why you feel the way you do and learn new skills so you can better relate to yourself and others. Not only do you see your family and relationship patterns. You get to learn how to make new choices, learn new ways to communicate and find the place for deep connection. Even if you are in a happy relationship, your views on how to relate from an empowered love space with strong boundaries and ways to deal with conflict.

Through the power of My Intuitive Mission (flagship student program), you will transform the way you view yourself giving you tools and exercises to break free from your story and write a new one. People who have done this course lose the heavy feeling inside, feel free from their past limitations and work intuitively to live life with purpose, clarity and confidence. It is intensive, it will challenge you, and it will give you a better sense of your mission, and with Susan’s PSME method you can breakthrough any blockage in your life. Find and rewrite that pivotal moment that changed everything for you, get clear on your *money story* so you create a healthy one, *bust all your fears and myths and be 100% clear* on exactly who you are and what you came here to do.

The Intuitive Hub Mentoring

Join the fortnightly mentoring call where we go deeply into a specific soul enhancing topic each month which will keep you
connected, learning and included. This is where you have a live opportunity to get fresh training with others in the hub and where you can get your questions answered. Being part of something builds on your sense of connection to the one purpose we are all here for, spiritual growth! You are supported in the hub to get the answers you are looking for. We will also have surprise guests that will give you access to some of the best in the business training and content.

Valued at over $6000/year

2 x Tickets to Susan 2 Day LIVE Event

Membership of the Intuitive Hub gives you 2 tickets 1 x for you and 1 x for an accountability partner to Susan’s Live 2 Day Event.

This is where you experience the magic of the mastermind energy.

You will gather in a group and access the superconscious mind, transcend all limitations in these events and go beyond where your soul thought possible. Life-changing breakthroughs and new skills are all part of Susan’s teachings, guiding you to access the missing link of Divine wisdom. This is where you meet other like-minded souls and feel part of a high vibe heart centred community of action takers. People have said that being part of one of Susan’s events is like going on a week-long retreat with the results and feeling they walk away with.

VALUED AT OVER $500 (valid for 2 years)

You must be a lifetime member or have a current subscription to participate at the time of the event.


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