Private One on One Soul Connection Session with Susan

My mission is to teach people how to know, like, love, and trust themselves so they never doubt who they are and what choices they make. Once the root cause of your doubt or pain is known, I teach simple techniques to transform your energy so you are in the right vibration to manifest what you want in your life. You might want to heal your past, find a new relationship, develop your intuitive skills, or become an intuitive healer. You might be looking for a sense of true purpose and make a difference in the world? If that is you, check out my Intuitive Professional Page or the Spiritual Courses Page or even email me at susan@visanna.com and I can guide you to the best option for you right now.

Reading with Susan

If you are ready to find out who you really are, what your life lessons are, what your unique gift is, and what you came here for, a reading will help you.

I see where you have been and where you are, what you have forgotten, and what you must remember and do to fulfill yourself in the way you are ready to. Your Guides are ready to share your next step through me.

Healing with Susan

If you feel like you’re doing the same things over and over again and can’t seem to breakthrough to success with health, business, finances, your relationships or self-worth cycle that keeps you feeling empty and powerless, there is a reason why. Maybe a healing session is right for you.


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