2020 – The Dawn of a Decade of Clarity

As this decade dawns, it feels like time is speeding up and slowing down at the same time and there is a distinct calling to return to simplicity. This year is about having laser sharp vision, crystal clear clarity and being totally focused on what is important to you without all the fluff and stuff.

When you look back over the last 10 years, it’s easy to see what opportunities rose up right in front of you, and which ones seemed to slip by. Hindsight is always 20/20 vision and yet not experience is ever lost to us if we learn from it!

The numerical vibration of this year is a number four (foundations, boundaries, form, structure, processes) and the double two (partnerships, justice, balance, fairness, equality) and double zero ( intuitive, seeds, rebirth). The energy supports  us to create strong new foundations through seeing both sides of a situation and choosing intuitively what is right for a new beginning like no other. To begin this new 10-year span, you will be called to set stronger boundaries, to trust in your self enough to stand up for who you are and what you believe.

Mother earth is reminding us we need to clean up our act, to clear away debris, to purify our thoughts, our bodies and our environment. A great fog is lifting, a time of clarity is dawning. You can try to hide from yourself, your dreams and your desires, but truly, why would you? Many will feel the urge to physically move location, and there will be huge shifts in what you believe is possible for you.

You may be feeling that primal urge to live a simpler life, to let go of stuff and experience the pure joy of being alive doing what you love with those you love? This first 3 months is a great opportunity to declutter, literally moving physical and non-physical things away so you can see. By making space around you, you invite in new ideas, new confidence, new love, new life!

On the Island of  Mauna Kea, the biggest telescope in the world points toward the heavens searching for new life. The vision I have is each of us having our own telescope and turning it around, so we use it to look deep into our inner universe and see all the magic just waiting there for us to see it.

This year is ripe for what can seem like radical changes in the way you work, the way you live or the way you love. The ideas have been brewing inside you and once you accept the vision your soul is showing you, there will be a remembering this is what you always wanted.

Relationship energy is strongly supported this year, working things out, staying true to self, collaborating with another to create something way more special than you can on your own.

Even if you waned it to life simply can never stay the same. Evolution is happening so it’s best to get onboard with it and go with the gentle encouraging flow of life instead of resisting and waiting for the time and conditions to be perfect.

Perception is a key theme for the year and the decade as it’s through your view of yourself, your circumstances, your abilities and your opportunities you will create your life. There is always another way to look at anything, no matter how sad or bad so life doesn’t have to be a tunnel of doom.

Another strong vision for the year was of the strong divide between light and dark. I saw a group of people in a semi-circe, standing firm, just being who they are. The remainder of the circle was in darkness and those in the shadows gradually came into the light of their own volition, in their own time. The message is about us not being the rescuers in the way that keeps people in victim energy. Holding space says, ‘I know how you feel and I am here seeing the best in you knowing it is a journey you have chosen and you will grow through.’

Through clear vision and effective communication this year brings you a gift of a balanced, whole and happy life.


December 2019 – Full Moon in Gemini

The last Full Moon for this decade is here & is making a statement!

The final full moon for 2019 and for this decade is here and it’s as though the moon is trying to hold space for all the turmoil she is looking down on.

The vision I have of her is that she is bigger and closer than she’s been for a while as she steps into the full light of her energy which is associated at this time of year with huge ocean tides. Things are being brought to the surface, hidden feelings rising up, undercurrents of emotions ready to be finally released. In some cases, life will seem tumultuous with huge life altering things happening. Stay strong and stay focused on what you can do if this is you.

This full moon the energy supports us in stepping away from conflict or being drawn into drama yet still staying firm in what is right for you. The Gemini aspect says, “see both sides of a situation and see what you can learn from any current turmoil. Don’t get involved, do the inner work, see how it is affecting your sense of justice, fairness or power.”

Look at the stories you’ve grown up with, the story you tell yourself about who you are and what’s possible and know this Gemini energy invites you to truly look at the story you’ve created. Are there things now you no longer need to take with you into this new decade of your life? Is there a better story, the one you can now create?

Today December 12th, we are in a day of completion with the numerology adding to a number 9

12                    12                    2019

1 + 2               1+2                2+0+1+9

   3     +.         3          +       3         = 9

Remember too, we have 3 days of the full Moon energy where emotions are heightened. These 3 days are a great opportunity to

  1. Reflect on what in your life is ending or completing
  2. Be in gratitude for the lessons of this completion
  3. Ponder how this completion will help you live with more inner peace

Meditation and dreams are heightened right now as the messages your Guides are bringing relate to clearing up whatever it is that stops you sleeping, that worries you, that keeps you second guessing the goodness of life.You will be called to take the reins of your life, so you take yourself where you want to be. It’s a time to step up and say a big yes to the power you have inside you to manifest your best life.

Although this time can feel quite unsettled with tragedies and sadness around, hold firm to the power you have to send healing and light to troubled places in the world and to those people who need support. Any time you think of someone or somewhere with love, that energy is received with gratitude, like the thirsty earth drinking in the much-needed rain.

The gateway to heaven is through the heart and as you allow your heart to soften, and shine its loving healing light into the world, know and believe there is a calmer softer place for your mind to rest. Remember too how much your crystals love to bathe in the light of the full moon and recharge their energy and as this is such a potent energy, don’t forget them and don’t forget you …recharge, review, relax!.

Wishing you peaceful and joyous full moon ,










Are You Psychic?

I believe every person has an “inner compass” helping navigate through life. I believe every one has the capacity to be psychic or intuitive, the only difference is that some of us are more aware or sensitive than others.

Most of us experience the world through the five senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, touching and being able to smell aromas and also the ability to taste.

Awakening your intuition is about sensing the world through another method which is using your sixth sense.  

Your sixth sense is your perception of the unseen world through your five senses. Think about being alive in ancient times, before there were radios, telephones or televisions to warn you of danger. Your “senses” would have been heightened looking for danger ( think a “dinosaur” around the corner which may hurt you ) and opportunities ( think a grazing deer ready to be caught so you could eat ).

Your intuition is the part of you that is aware of the subtleties of energy, thoughts and feelings around you.

The intuitive person is someone who is aware of his or her ability to experience the world in a different way.

So, how can you confirm your abilities and reassure yourself that you are psychic?

If you truly want to unlock and enter this amazing world, firstly, you should have an open mind and surrender to the idea you can sense what you can’t see.

Here are some questions you might ask yourself…

Do you see things, which are not physically, present, like a vision, through your mind’s eye?

If yes, this is the faculty of clairvoyance.

Maybe you hear messages, words or songs which  randomly drop into your mind.? This is your clairaudience, your ability to hear clearly.

Perhaps you feel and sense information? Your ‘gut’ feeling, is your clairsentient nature. This is your natural ability to feel what someone else feels enabling you to have compassion and “empathy”. 

Have you experienced the sensation of smelling or tasting something that is not there? Another example or indicator that you are experiencing the intuitive part of you.

You may already be aware of, or experienced one or more of the above examples.

These are your psychic abilities shining through, waiting for you to acknowledge their messages and act on them.

I know every person is receiving intuitive information, the trick is learning how to trust it and develop it.

You can enhance your abilities  so they become stronger with regular training which is why I’ve developed my online Psychic Awakening Course.

When you access and trust your intuition, life is easier and flows with ease. Life is never the same again as you have access to more information, more clarity and a lot more joy! 

The Missing Piece of The Puzzle

I’ve been asked on so many occasions, how do I love myself?
How can I stop feeling guilty and regain my sense of self?
Can you relate to this???  

Just sharing some simple tips which have helped me and my clients find greater peace, love and happiness.

This, I believe is the missing piece to finding greater inner peace.

It’s really quite simple, two easy steps!!!

Make a choice to say “YES” next time someone offers to help you.

  1. Be willing to say “NO” 
  2. Saying NO is one of the most difficult things to do. Agree???

Maybe you’ve fallen into being a people pleaser or over achiever and have found yourself saying yes to everything.

I know I’ve been in both categories and it’s draining.


What about you???

Consider these options as the sign it’s ok to say NO

  • When what’s being asked of you is out of alignment with your morals and values
  • When you don’t have the energy to fulfil what’s being asked of you
  • Maybe you just don’t want to do it (that’s the best reason to say no!)
  • Your sense of obligation is overwhelming and you know if you say “yes” you will feel resentful
  • When you have a focus which is important to you and someone else wants to put their needs before yours

It’s all about having strong personal boundaries and knowing you’re the only one who can make you happy!

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated…Confucius

What do you feel about this, topic? Love to hear your thoughts and feelings

Dreams – Interpret Yours

Dreams & Insight

Dreams offer an opportunity to understand yourself better and find deeper insight into your life. They create an opportunity to understand the messages your subconscious is trying to tell you and when understood, the insight assists you to make the necessary changes to bring about inner peace and happiness.

Your subconscious brings up issues that you have not dealt with, and that are buried within your memory. They can be unresolved feelings or events from childhood or even past lives. These events will be brought into a dream when you are ready to deal with them. Something happening to you now can trigger old memories, buried hurt or unresolved pain.

Dreams are also a window into your future as your subconscious is not limited to time or space traveling back and forth in time to bring images or symbols for you to interpret.

Dreams happen all the time as a way for the mind to process thoughts and feelings such as daydreaming of things you would be rather be doing or on an event coming up.

How can I learn more?

I am often asked What is The Purpose of Dreaming?

My belief is that the purpose of dreaming is to bring your awareness to certain issues or situations. Dreams allow what is held in subconscious to flow into the conscious mind. Psychologists even use dreams to connect to a patient’s subconscious.

They are a way of processing information as well as connecting us to different parts of us, past, present and future.

I think it is important to have a certain curiosity, let go of fear and try to find the meaning for you. It is like putting together pieces of a puzzle. Dreams Can

Guide you to look at the various aspects of your life

Tell a story and be a teaching tool to guide you in the right direction

Show you what you are not facing up to

Serve as a mechanism to release energy.

Inspire you with new ideas

Dreams that get your attention usually have a deep message for you.

To grow spiritually it is important to find and understand the message in your dream and use the insight to either solve a problem, learn more about yourself or change directions.

How to Decode Your Dreams

My belief is that every character in your dream represents an aspect of you. You may dream of    people you know but the “key” is to see yourself as each character.

It is like a play and you are each character in the play, acting out a certain part of yourself.

Who is Susan?

A Real Dream Interpretation

I interpreted a dream for a person recently. This is what was written to me

Dear Susan, can you help me with this repetitive dream?


“My dream is that a plane crashes into my house but it’s my mums end of the house. I ring my twin sister and best friend in tears asking if they will come help clean it up so I can get to my mum. They both laugh and hang up the phone so I clear it myself only I’m too late I cant save her and I can’t find her partner. I wake up sobbing & crying”

My Answer

“Consider that there is a part of you that feels overly responsible (the part that wants to save mum & feels responsible for not finding her partner). There is another part that would like to let go of responsibility (Your sister & friend who ridicule you and abandon you). So consider the issues of wanting more freedom and what part of you would ridicule “you” for doing your own thing. Where have you abandoned you & not been your own mother or partner? Your subconscious mind is talking to you and getting your attention by repeating the dream. Also consider if you feel like your life has been “wrecked” like the house has.

To improve your insight with dreams, make it a habit to

Keep pen & paper next to your bed

On waking either through the night in the morning, write down all components & characters

Write as much detail as you can

Let the writing flow as more comes to light once you start writing

Allow yourself to spend time to tune in to the “feeling” of the dream

Meditate and ask for the meaning to be made known to you

Types of Dreams

There are many types of dreams and I have listed some of them below. It is always important to allow nW0fPP6intuition to give you the answers. Therefore any dream books that you may read may give an answer. What you have to do is too really feel in to it yourself and see if that is correct for you. Your dreams are there to help you with your specific and unique issues. They are there to help you grow and help you learn more about yourself. Use them as guidance, enjoy learning and understanding yourself in new and different ways.

  • Rebalancing Dream – These are about processing trauma and letting go of old wounds. The dream may be an old event that happened to you or it may be about whatever it is you need to let go of. Your soul brings this to your attention via a dream so that your mind, body & spirit can release. This happens more where there is stuck ”energy” within your energy system somewhere and there is a need to re-play things in order to let it go.

Often you need to recognise the destructive patterns holding on to the old trauma is producing now in your life. Energy cannot be created or destroyed only transmuted into something else. Sometimes we are holding onto energy and the dream can release that energy so our body mind and spirit can be rebalanced. Have you ever had a dream and you woke up crying or breathless, as the dream was so real?

This is a physical release of energy and sometimes it is enough to know that the body has found a way to let that release happen

  • Visitation – This is where passed over friends, family or loved ones visit you in your dreams. The world of spirit is not another place far away in the distance. We all co exist in the same consciousness, some of us in a physical body and some in the spiritual body. When a person transitions to the spirit world their consciousness leaves body and continues to exist in a different dimension. Receiving a visit in your dreams is a blessing to be cherished as in the world of dreams all is real.
  • Past relationships – When you have a vivid dream about a past relationship, look at the aspects of the person in the dream. Remember the dream is always about YOU. People often ask me if the dream is about the other person and is it a sign they are to get back together. Look at what is happening in the dream. Consider the role each of you is playing. How does it apply to what is happening right now in your life? Are there arguments or abuse …if so, where are you arguing with yourself or abusing yourself? Are you making up and if so, is this a sign you need to let go of hurt and make peace with yourself?
  • Prophetic – You may experience a dream and the events happen. This often occurs in childhood technicolour dreamsand if the dream foretells a tragedy, the person can go through life carrying self-blame. Consciousness exists on many levels and in the dream state we can travel backwards and forwards in time. The reality is, time is a man made concept and in the world of spirit & energy, there is no time or space. The thing to understand is that you did not cause the event. By learning to trust your intuition you will know if it is a warning for you. Dreams are so symbolic and so it is helpful to learn about the symbols your mind brings you. Seeing an accident in a dream may be a warning to you to “slow down” and look after yourself. Seeing a lottery win may mean you are on the right track and there is treasure there when you “invest” in yourself
  • Flying – Dreams where you are flying are about escaping out of being stuck. Maybe you feel trapped, you are too caught up with “earthly” things and you are not connecting with your spiritual side. The dreams offer new possibilities. The imagery in the dream of leaping high is showing you that you are capable of reaching new heights. It may also be about taking an aerial view of a situation. Flying dreams can be about coming back down to earth, so if you are someone who is always meditating, who is “open” all of the time psychically, it may be a message to ground yourself more and come back down to earth!

Have fun with the process and above all see your dreams as an opportunity to know yourself at a deeper & more profound level.