December 2019 Energy Forecast- Completion and Miracles!


Completion, Peace and Miracles.

As this number three year draws to its conclusion, it’s a great opportunity to tidy up and complete what is still lingering in any area of unfinished business. There are two days which bring huge potent energy for you to once and for all, put to bed any negative self-defeating patterns or conclude any ways in which you sabotage your own happiness. Those days are 12.12.2019 and 21.12.2019 as both days are number 9 days signalling completion. The opportunity to complete cycles and face your shadow, opens the doorway to miraculous healing and reconnection to your spirit and your true purpose.

The vision I’m being shown, is of people standing in two parallel queues waiting to go through a doorway (to a land of plenty) and there being impatience and queue hopping as people feel they are going to miss out.

It tells me it will be a month where it is so important to focus on your path, on what you want and where your spirit is calling you, and to let go of wondering what others are doing. The notion that ‘having more’ is ‘being more’ will cease to resonate with you, if in fact, it ever did.

The words I hear are, ‘run your own race and focus on what joy is now here for you in this very moment of your creation.’ Know only you can create your land of plenty, your sense of fulfilment, your feeling of connection. As you re-centre and refocus on being the best you, your resolve is heard by the unseen helpers ready to step in and bring new insight and new inspiration. All in readiness for this new decade, this new 5D energy, this time of new creation.

Every year, this month brings a heightened sense of urgency, a fear of disappointing others; a reminder of those loved ones no longer in the physical world sharing our celebrations of Christmas and the dawning another New Year. Make time to celebrate the awesomeness of those in spirit, as like all of us, they too had their positive and negative personality traits as they too, lived a life that was not always easy. As you focus on their true essence and their love, you will feel the transformative energy of love filtering into your heart and you will know you are not truly apart.

The overarching message for this month is to step away from the rush, to focus on your heart and to remember how precious the gift of life, health, friendship and connection are.

Gratitude is the healing bridge which changes everything as you can’t feel down when you are giving thanks. This month it would be a great time to look back and focus on what you are thankful for and see what has worked for you, and remember those glistening sparkles of love you experienced. What you focus on will expand….

In the collective, I’m being shown the energy of miracles happening. Almost like the time where there was an armistice in the first world war where soldiers laid down their weapons and ceased hostilities, making peace with the ‘enemy.’  There are so many flash points in the world (and maybe in your life?) and so right now, I invite you to see and hold the world in your mind’s eye with a view to creating a miracle.

Imagine a light so bright in the darkest places on the planet or within you, and send the energy of peace, love and harmony to all who are suffering, being oppressed or who are in either physical war zones or fighting their inner wars. Your light was never so needed as it is right now and what you think, what you feel, what you imagine can create a whole new beautiful reality. Yes your light is what will create that tipping point where peace will appear again!

Wishing you a restful and peaceful end to this number 3 creative and healing year ….Namaste!







How to easily and effortlessly attract Mr Right

Where to begin…..

A time arrives in life when you’re ready for a relationship; you have already established self love so you know what love feels like.

So how do you start looking and attracting Mr Right into you life??

Before you tackle the attracting part you must have a clear idea of what you are looking for?

  • What type of relationship? Friendship? Love?
  • Are you wanting a short term or long term relationship?
  • What do you want from the relationship? Love? Marriage? Babies?
  • What are your priorities?
  • What are your likes and dislikes?

Once you are clear on this, let’s begin…

I believe love is all around you. Just like the universe “Love” is everywhere you are.

To attract Mr Right you must be in a higher vibration of “Love”

Think for a moment… do you walk around most days with a smile on your face? Or are you sad and unhappy the majority of the time?

Do you see beauty in most everything? Or find this difficult to achieve?

Are you grateful for what you have in this moment in time? Or are you always wanting something more?

Can you see if you’re happy, positive and grateful your vibration rises and therefore people will be attracted to you. It’s proven when people are happy they attract other like minded people.

Ask the Universe for exactly what you want, be specific, keep your vibration high and watch things begin to happen.

The 3 biggest mistakes women make when looking for a partner

Choosing a partner is extremely important to your personal happiness, so getting it right is imperative!

The good news is that you’re in full control of this situation and what you put in is what you will get out.

I have found it’s critical you know exactly what qualities you want in a partner. 

Not having any success in finding your life partner?

Are you going round and round in circles, same relationship, different face?

Frustrated with the results so far?

 You should know what you want in and from a partner. If you aren’t clear, you’ll take anything and you’re worth more than that! 

Mistake Number One

One mistake most women make when embarking on this journey is not being clear what they want in a partner or knowing the type of relationship they’re looking for.

Do you have high expectations, a long list of what you would like? Or do you have low expectations, willing to settle for who ever shows up, crossing fingers and hoping for the best?

Whether you have high or low expectations it’s usually a reflection of how you value yourself and indicates the level of self worth you have. Are you willing to settle for an ‘ok’ relationship or will you stay the course, not deviate and wait until Mr Right enters on the scene. The choice is yours…keep in mind to find Mr Right you have to know who he is when you bump him to him, as he might be in “disguise!” 

Mistake Number Two

Another critical mistake is timing. We live in a society that demands instant gratification. Many aren’t willing to wait until the time is right. 

Yes some of you may have biological clocks ticking, and the need to partner up with someone to have a child is overwhelming. If this is you, let me ask this question of you; Would you rather

A) Have a child with Mr Johnny On The Spot, as in any partner just to turn off the “maternal alarm” and live a unfulfilled life, which really isn’t good for anyone including the beautiful soul you’ve bought into this world?


B) Take it slow and steady, ending up with Mr Right, a partner you connect with at heart and soul level? You may risk not having a child if you wait too long, so make sure you get some help to get the relationship right with yourself first. When you’re confident and have let go of any past relationships, the energy is clear for a relationship to manifest.

You may have been divorced, separated, be caring for children or parents and you don’t feel the time is right?

In my experience, timing is everything. I’ve seen so many of my clients who thought they were doing the right thing, putting everyone else first, waiting for their time to come. If you want to find a partner and you’re ready, go for it, there’s no time like now! 

Mistake Number Three

Another critical mistake women make when looking for a partner is what I like to call the Gooey Feeling…picture this; your eyes meet; you feel the tingles down your spine; your non rational brain says yep! this is ‘THE ONE’ and whammo, your chemicals are going crazy. You rational brain goes out the door, in no time you’ve fallen in lust; then letting go of all the things you wanted and valued. I’ve seen so many people go too deep too quickly, without really getting to know each other fully first.  Relationships take time, and they need to be nurtured, even planned and given priority. You have to know who you are and what you want if you want a relationship to be successful.

My advice is…

  1. Be clear on what you want in a partner/relationship and get help so you are clear and ready
  2. Give yourself time to find the right partner, there’s no rush
  3. Don’t let the Gooey stuff override the getting to know you stuff…look before you leap!