Enriching and uplifting other people’s lives is my number one priority. Not just as a mentor but as a friend, I hope to be able to impact your life positively.

Here are some of the people who I’ve worked with that are testaments to my programs.

Who knows, you might be able to see yourself through them

Thank you Susan, really enjoying my online workshop. Taking a lot of valuable things out of it. I am juggling quite a lot of things at the moment but I look forward to my quiet time at night with my laptop on my lap with my head phones in my ear listening to your workshops, this is my chill out time and love it ….. highly recommend your online program It has improved my confidence with my healing work, knowing & trusting the messages I receive to help my clients.
A Toya, QLD

It’s always a blessing to learn and work with Susan in her classes… I’ve gained so much from my experiences with her and formed a lifelong friendship in the process! Love you Susan I thank you for your kind heart and simply being the beautiful soul that you are!
Nikki L, Maitland NSW

Undertake Reiki attunements or are seeking messages and guidance from loved ones passed over, spending time with Susan to explore this will be the greatest gift you can give yourself.
C Jones, NSW

I work as a holistic therapist and I thank Susan’s course and her continued support for taking me much deeper into trusting myself and following my own guidance which has been immeasurably valuable for my continual personal development. I simply wouldn’t have developed my skills as quickly without it. Susan’s work and her clearly defined content and message has an incredible ability to be exactly what you need to hear at the right time, Thank you Susan, you are divine”
Karlie, NSW

Susan is a wonderful and inspirational teacher whom I have been blessed to journey with for many years, including workshops, meditation, my introduction to Reiki through to Reiki Master/Teacher, and mentorship. Susan teaches with love, sharing experience and her heart, and it is a true joy and privilege to continue developing and working with Susan for many more years to come.
Paula F, NSW

am currently doing the psychic mastery course with Susan online. I have found the course material comprehensive, lovingly recorded and full of profound insight. I am enjoying it very much, and am very thankful that I am able to listen to the recordings many times over. Thank you very much Susan. I have also done Reiki 1 and 2 with Susan this year, and found that Susan has nothing but love to give.
Gillian B, QLD

I have been studying psychic development for many years with many different teachers, and have found Sue’s course to be the best. It condenses all the methods used by many different teachers all in the one program and answers all your questions you may have in regards how you receive or sense information and how to trust it. I recommend that you get mentoring outside of the program with Sue as she is amazing!!
Virginia, Anna Bay NSW

My encounter with Susan was God’s way to say that He loves me and helps me. It was Susan’s last days in Newcastle, unfortunately for me and people that met her. She’s such a beautiful soul and so gifted, and the messages she conveyed to my family and myself were so true. I was also so lucky to get to do Reiki level 1 before she moved so far away…but she’s always there for who wants help and need guidance just like lighthouse in a stormy ocean. Thank you Susan for all your help!
Rossanna , Newcastle NSW

To me, Susan has been a guiding light. She is an incredibly talented woman, and not only that.. Her heart is huge and kind and loving, did I mention generous!? It was through Susan that I had my first Reiki experience, (which I still wish could be replicated.) Since then I have completed my Reiki I, and am currently participating in her Psychic Mastery online course. All I can say is that I am very blessed that our paths have crossed. She is a great teacher and I have learned a lot. I hope you do too.
Jane , Sydney NSW

Your Soul Is Waiting To Be Heard

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All it needs is for you to learn how to hear it’s messages!