Love & Love – November Energy Update 2019
November 1, 2019

I love the visions coming forward for November, where someone (you) is playing a piano and finding that awesome space of inner harmony inviting another person to come in and sing the same tune. So, it seems there is an energy of deeper connection and harmony through partnerships with new ones being formed. Let love in is the big message for this month. Be willing to say a big no to what you don’t want so you receive more of what you do want.

People from the past who have not moved on will probably show up in your life in some way trying to justify why they are still stuck. You will notice others who are playing the same old negative repetitive tune where you are now happily playing a new song. The vast divide between you will be obvious but you will see and feel it with a sense of peace knowing we cannot always be on the same path. And that is ok! Think of that annoying fly that keeps buzzing around your head and then it just disappears when you stop worrying about it.

Expect the inner peaceful, yet strong warrior to arise inside you. Opportunities to stand up for who you are and what you believe will present themselves. I see so many opportunities where there will be a clear delineation between what’s right and wrong, what’s light and dark. You will observe those in your circle who are stuck in the 3D energy of fear and blame. It’s as though you are now the grown up and they are the child, a sense of you having found that part of you who just knows what is right. In the energy of love, I see you standing strong shining like bright beacon of stability, hope and wisdom. There is magic in the strength of your partnerships where there is honesty and fairness and where you express yourself.

The double new beginnings are around the way you love yourself and the way you allow others to love you. All the inner work you’ve done is now paying off. Expect a big shift in your confidence and level of satisfaction with the life you’ve chosen to live and the choices you made a few years ago. The rewards are all around you as you look deeply into the eyes of love now looking back at you in the mirror of life with a wry smile, saying “see I told you so!”

I’m being shown there will be checkpoints this month where you move closer to the place you are dreaming into your reality, where you will be given heavenly signs you are on track. Your ability to manifest money and material support for yourself is strong this month. Believe in the divine flow and know that it’s not Google or Siri who are listening but your helpers in spirit who are waiting for you to ask for what you want. What you ask for you will receive!


  1. Jo Payten

    So spot on Susan. I’m feeling like I’m genuinely riding a wave of new found confidence, assuredness and compassion. And also yes: the weird and unusual sensation of leaving some people behind who are stuck in self centred unexpansive, uncompassionate spaces. This sounds a little arrogant but it feels right!
    Thank you for your insightful and reinforcing November words xx

    • Susan

      Hi Jo, my pleasure beautiful one…i see you laughing and attracting a whole new similarly confident and compassionate group of people around you now. Have a wonderful month ahead and keep on letting Spirit shine through your amazing artwork and your beautiful words, much love, light and many blessings, Susan xxx

  2. Heather

    Hi Susan
    Thank you for that lovely reading.’I have been connected to your page for a few years now and watched with interest in your path. You have come so far and it is wonderful to see you sharing your love and happiness with us all. Thank you 💜🙏🏼😍

    • Susan

      Hi Heather, gosh yes, you have been following for a while now and always so good to feel your beautiful energy out there shining brightly! Much love to you and many blessings of light, Susan xxx

  3. Christine

    Gosh Susan, I feel like you wrote this for me! I can feel such strong shifts happening in me; they have been happening all year but are getting much stronger now. I can feel I still have a lot of confusion, doubt and fear and I don’t trust myself. Thank you for sharing these insights.

    • Susan

      Hi Christine…stay with all that you know to be right and true for you as you have so much to give…love, light and blessings to you, Susan xxx


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