Your Purpose

Your Life Purpose

o you want to know your life purpose and how you can make a difference? Working with your insight and listening to your heart will help you feel if you are on the right path. You may feel stuck or not “on track”, however, there’s never really a wrong path.  The whole journey of life is to discover your inner wisdom and recognise you are eternal and all-powerful.  Whatever your circumstances, you can improve your confidence and achieve anything when you know and trust your instincts.

Ask yourself

  1. Are you happy in your life right now?
  2. Do you feel fulfilled in your work and relationships?
  3. Do you feel as though something’s missing in your life?

Who inspires you?

The people who inspire you the most usually have the qualities you’d like to have.  Looking at the lives of those people and the way they live their lives, you could write down

  1. The inner qualities they have which most inspire you
  2. The type of achievements which motivate or inspire you
  3. What they leave you “feeling” when you think of them or their work.

With That Knowledge & List Ask Yourself

  •  What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
  • What would you really do if you knew that you couldn’t fail and success was assured?
  • What could you bring to your own life & that of others? 

These are powerful questions to ask yourself because it will get to the core of what you can do. These simple questions, if answered honestly, will bring you closer to knowing your passion. There are many ways you contribute to the lives of others. Think how living with full purpose and commitment could change your life & potentially someone else’s. When you get it, you gain personal freedom to pursue your real passion.

There are people who believe they should have some “lofty and noble” purpose.  

Life purpose is not really about the work you do . Your purpose is quite simple –  to accept responsibility for you and your happiness. To release anything stopping you from living in a place of joy, a place of unlimited creativity, a place of bliss. That’s your job!

Whenever you have the courage to follow your heart and live with trust, love & kindness, you can contribute to the world and touch the lives of others in ways you couldn’t imagine possible.  

You have a chance to get to know and trust yourself through the Psychic Awakening Course. It’s geared to take you on a  step by step journey through your spiritual and intuitive awakening so you can trust yourself and really go for your dreams.

Still have questions on if this is the right step for you?

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